Fabian Valdez, Jr.

Fabian Valdez, Jr.

Director of Data and Digital Marketing

Fabian Valdez has extensive experience integrating data analytics and predictive modeling to form strategies for political and public affairs campaigns.

At Meridian, Fabian is responsible for developing unique voter targeting universes for direct mail and grassroots campaigns as well as providing clients with marketing solutions across digital advertising channels including paid ads, search and social media.

Prior to joining Meridian, Fabian served as the Data Director for the California Republican Party (CRP). At the CRP, Fabian coordinated the research, planning and move of campaigns to mobile canvassing. His efforts helped bring greater standardization to field work, while generating millions of data points on voters throughout the state that enabled the construction of predictive models of voter behavior.

Fabian also has a background as an IT consultant, network engineer and social worker with a passion for understanding system infrastructure and what motivates people.

A Southern California native, Fabian has lived in both the North and South ends of the state. He currently lives in Orange County, where he enjoys the company of his two dogs Hobbes and Lincoln.